Nils Müller, Artist and Entertainer, presents his shows with artistic perfection and style - entertainment of the highest level!

His light-show-performance – the Glow-Show is like a modern fire show. With his legendary unicycle show on his three-meter unicycle the professional juggler and entertainer enthrals on any event with his funny animation, his elegant humour and hist first class juggling with clubs, balls and knifes.

For events on stage or as street performance for jubilees, festivals, busker festivals, varieties, trade fair expositions or more personal for your anniversaries, your wedding or your corporate events:

This show is a highlight for every occasion!

For almost twenty years now Nils Müller captivates with his artistic- comedy-show and his silver- tongued language skills in English, Spanish, German and Italian on countless events all over Europe, Australia, Argentina, Qatar and many more...